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Windows Home Server: A Few More Facts

January 9, 2007


Chris Lanier, Paul Thurrot, Engadget and Inside Microsoft all have a lot of detail on this CES-announced product. Just a couple of items to add based on my observation of it in action today:

  • You will be able to use remote desktop to get access to the other PCs on your home network from outside the network. It was not clear whether these had to be Vista PCs or not, but there was no indication that they would need to be running Windows Vista.
  • It is hard to believe that non-Xbox 360’s would not have access to the contents of this server through the Media Center PC that their sessions run on. If the Media Center PC can access material on the server so can the extender. It is possible that there might be some impediments to this (just as there are to Media Extender sessions accessing media files on a domain), but I can’t believe it would be impossible.

My first reaction to Home Server was be be annoyed that it did not have more robust capabilities. I run Windows Small Business Server 2003 in our home and was hoping that it might have some more of that product’s functionality built in to it. But upon reflection, I think that Home Server is a good (and necessary) first step in the home server market. Even though it won’t replace my SBS 2003 box, I can see it being an excellent replacement for the NAS boxes that many people are turning to.

And with this being a Microsoft product it is likely that we’ll see many new features in the years to come, just like with the Media Center OS.

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  1. Impact (Keith Chambers) permalink

    You have seen it and thats a real big plus. But sitting half the way around the world and reading all these posts on other blogs / news sites… I just do not know if it is worth it ?  I can see it replacing the cheap stand alone NAS devices, but I can not see the benefits over a proper NAS solution – whether it be just a file server running XP or Linux. I get nervous when I read it does not use standards like Raid, I get uncomfortable being told that I need to install client software, and the features are less than expected.
    You are correct though – its a FIRST step, and Microsoft will enhance it over the coming years – but I don’t think I will be an early adopter as yet….
    But of course that opinion may change, when I get to see it first hand like you have – lucky devil !

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