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Bluetrek Stereo ST1 Bluetooth Headphones

January 12, 2007

I was interested in seeing Bluetooth headphones at this year’s CES. I am getting a little tired of dealing with untangling earbud cords to listen to audio from my PocketPC Phone and of dealing with the cord under my coat in the winter. So the idea of bluetooth headphones to eliminate this hassle has been kicking around in my mind for a while. ICES would be the perfect place (perhaps the only place) where I could really investigate a variety of such devices.

In fact, I finally found some bluetooth headphones that I just might buy: Bluetrek Stereo ST1 Bluetooth Headphones. (Although is not clear when they might be sold in the US, as opposed to Korea.) These avoid some of the issues that make other such headphones unattractive to me:

  • They are flexible enough to lie flat in my briefcase. Many bluetooth headphones will fold up, but into a ball that isn’t great for storing in a lot of places– like a pocket.
  • They connecting rubber/plastic is rigid enough that the headphones won’t be tangled up. Other bluetooth headphones have a thin wire that connects the two earpieces. I suspect that these would get just as tangled up as my current (free earbuds).

One potential downside to any bluetooth headphones in my mind– the annoyance of charging them (both in hassle and the need to have yet another power adapter lying around) might exceed the convenience.

Nevertheless, I was pleased to see that this is the first year that any significant number of A2DP stereo headphones.

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  1. Unknown permalink

    I work for a Verizon retailer who has just asked me to evaluate a set of these.So far, their functionality for phone calls has been on par with every other BlueTrek appliance I’ve tested – lackluster – which is what I expected; however, I’ve been terribly disappointed with their use with media.Basically, when trying to open music by using the ST1’s play button, the headset sends the phone into a player deathloop, opening, closing, then re-opening the player with no recourse but to remove the phone’s battery.  And, when the music is opened by using the phone’s interface, the ST1 has not picked up the music, leaving it to be played by the phone’s onboard speakers.I wouldn’t recommend these or spend my own money on them (or any BlueTrek appliance).(phone used in tests thus far is a LG VX8300, other models will be tested today.)

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