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New Color Laser Multifunction Printer

January 14, 2007

One of the items that caught my eye at CES this year was the new Samsung CLX-3160FN.

I am not really desperate for a new printer because I already have an HP LaserJet 3015 which is perfectly fine for most of my purposes, which include scanning documents for archiving and occasional printing and faxing. I have a very old Agfa 1212u scanner, which I use for occasional color scanning.

Nevertheless, it would be nice to have a device with several features that my current combination of devices lack

  • All functions present in a single device
  • A color laser printer
  • A networked device for easy sharing when my PC is off

The Samsung CLX-3160FN appears to satisfy these requirements as well as a few others. (Note that the networked nature of this device isn’t obvious but is discussed in its manual.) It has a relatively shallow footprint (not quite as shallow as my HP 3015, but acceptably small for my taste). The last thing I would want would be a behemoth– like many printers I have seen with similar features. The price is also right with an MSRP of $599.

One feature I don’t really care about is the ablity to print/scan things to from a USB connector on the front, into which can can be plugged memory cards, cameras and the like. Not having to fuss with things like this is the reason I keep all of my digital media on our home server!

What I don’t know is anything about its real world performance. I’ll be interested to see some reviews when they become available.

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