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Thoughts on the Future of Live

January 17, 2007

Ozymandias asks:

My question to you is what big features would you want to see out of Live in the future?

For those not conversant in the latest Microsoft product names, he is of course talking about a future iteration of Xbox Live– the service that allows Xbox users to communicate and games with one another online, and which is coming to PCs and mobile devices in the near future.

The question prompted a few thoughts by me:

  • Optional information on physical location (via GPS for mobile devices or by known addresses for fixed devices). You should be able to turn this off when you don’t want your location to be known. There should be means for finding out who is near you and what they are doing.
  • Ability to keep some significant amount of data in the cloud. Ideally, this would function something like logging on to a different PC on your domain in that all of your files, Outlook information, game saves and the like would all be available to you on whatever PC you happened to be using.
  • In addition to data being kept in the cloud whole, virtual PCs could be kept in the cloud and downloaded to whatever PC you happened to be running.
  • Video chat between different types of devices, including multiparty charts.
  • Tools to identify and form groups of users and then to communicate with them to schedule games as a team. This could ultimately extent to other activities as well, e.g. meetups.

Many other suggestions (many interesting!) are made in the comments to Ozymandias’s post.


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