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PC vs. Console Gaming Habits

January 18, 2007

Since the purchase of my stable of Xbox 360’s in 2005, I haven’t played that many PC games. I think this can be explained by a few factors, which relate to the role of each device in our household:

First, because we use Xbox 360’s as Media Center Extenders, we have four Xbox 360’s– one for each TV in the house. This means that there is always a free Xbox 360 in one of the common areas of the house. One never has to choose between playing a game or letting someone else watch TV.

Second, playing on the console is generally desirable when our young kids are up, because you can use an Xbox on the first floor while keeping an eye on the kids (or even with the kids watching). In contrast the PC that is best for gaming and has all the games installed is up in my office in the attic, quite isolated from the rest of the house.

Third, Xbox games, especially Xbox Live arcade, seem more conducive to the relatively short 30 minute blocks of free time I seem to have to invest in gaming. Gone are the days, when entire evenings could be spent on an interesting game– except of course for Viva Pinata (which has embarrassingly kept me up until the wee hours of the morning on several occasions!)

I’d like the PC to enjoy a renaissance, and I’ll be interested to see if it does, e.g. as kids get older and DirectX 10 games come out for the PC.

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