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Canon HV10 HDV Camcorder

January 21, 2007

I had a brief chance to try out the Canon HV10 camcorder at CES and generally thought the feel was acceptable.

 To the extent that what I really want is something that can fit in my pocket, shoots acceptable stills and has an acceptable feel (which I haven’t decided yet), this would probably be my choice. has a very good review. The great thing about being at CES was that I could get the experience of holding the camera in a pretty time efficient way– if I tried to investigate this at home, I would have had to track down a store that has the camera in stock and make a special trip there to try out the camera (over an hour). This took me only a couple of extra minutes at CES!

Note that I don’t really care about having a hard drive or DVD as the media it records on. All my video gets transferred to my home server after it has been encoder using the Vegas Video MPEG encoder so a the faster transfer of a HD doesn’t mean much as I’ll be spending a fair amount of time encoding the video anyway and I can watch all my video on TVs connected to my home network, so I hardly ever burn DVDs anymore.

Just as I have slimmed down to only one device that I carry with me regularly (the PPC-6700) I would like to be able to do the same for trips where I hope to record memories. What leaves me in indecision (and with 5-year old technology) is the question of whether I should buy a DSLR and abandon the dream of a pocket sized camera/camcorder that I rely on for everything. If I buy a DSLR, I’d probably just resign myself to carrying a large bag, which could include a larger camcorder.

So ultimately the decision to purchase or not to purchase a new camcorder depends on how well that device would fit in with the other technology I own and that I aspire to own.

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