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Excellent Info and Vista and CableCard

February 4, 2007
AVS Forum has a great thread on this issue including lots of useful information from Chris Morley as Velocity Micro where you can get a new Vista PC with CableCard enabled for just under $2000. The Velocity Micro systems seem to be the least expensive CableCard systems being sold now– so I’ve ordered a dual CableCard system myself. I’ll blog about the experience when I get it, hopefully circa March 1 as predicted by the website when I ordered it
Although I dislike the complexity of Cable Company mandated restrrictions that Microsoft had to build into these machines there are two salient facts to keep in mind:
  1. Even with these restrictions, this is still an indcredibly flexible system compared to anything else on the market, e.g. Tivo Series 3, Comcast HD cable box.
  2. How long does anyone think it will be before the DRM on these systems is defeated. My guess is within 2007.
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