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First Experience with Vista

February 15, 2007

I had my first experience with Vista setting up a new HP laptop last night. It is running Vista Business so it can connect to our home SBS 2003 domain.

Vista was preinstalled, so I was a little surprised at the 25 minutes it took running some sort of setup routine. I then uninstalled a variety of apps that HP had pre-installed. Thankfully there were not more than a about dozen of these. One that would not uninstall was the Office 2007 Activation Assistant (which refused to uninstall even after following someone’s advice to install a trial version of Office and then try to uninstall it). A call to HP was of little help and ended with the heavily accented tech support person hanging up on me after insisting that this was an operating system issue and HP only supports hardware.

Outlook 2003 did not successfully deploy with the joining of the PC to the SBS 2003 domain for some reason. A couple of requests for help to the SBS Usenet newsgroup went unanswered, so I tried installing Outlook 2003 from the CD, which worked just fine.

Unsurprisingly I’ve discovered that Quicken 2005 won’t work on Vista, so I’ve ordered a copy of Quicken 2005. I’m afraid that my version 5.0 of Vegas+DVD and my Paperport Pro 9.0 may meet similar fates.

I don’t really mind the UAC prompts, but the new explorer I find a little irritating– perhaps I’ll get used to it.

The aero effect when Alt-Tabbing between apps is pretty cool.

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