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Rollout of Vista Delayed

February 23, 2007

Well, for our house at least. Problems from a variety of (external) sources are combining to push back Vista adoption in our household:

  • The delivery of the media center PC is being delayed by Microsoft security issues, much to the annoyance of Velocity Micro.
  • The "express upgrade" for two of our laptops may not ship for weeks.
  • My replacement of my own computer is delayed pending nVidia coming up with working Vista drivers for its DirectX 10 8800 series cards, or ATI actually releasing a Direct X 10 card. NVidia’s drivers are still in bad shape and ATI just delayed its R600 card until May.

I don’t remember all these problems with the Windows XP, launch, but maybe that is because then I couldn’t afford to try to be on the bleeding edge and buy a new PC as soon as XP came out. Now, the constraint isn’t money, its product availability.

For what its worth, can you imagine how much worse these problems would have been if Microsoft had done the consumer launch of Vista back on November 30 when the business launch took place?


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