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How is HP Like nVidia?

February 28, 2007

HP’s products have poor Vista drivers just like those of nVidia. As I learned when I tried to scan a page using my HP LaserJet 3015 under Vista, HP does not yet support any function other than printing under Vista for its multifunction printers. A search of Internet chatter on the state of HP drivers, revealed much unhappiness. Oh, and HP promises drivers by July!

Not wishing to wait for July, I’ve ordered a new printer, the Brother MFC-7820N. At $282 from Amazon, this is about $300 cheaper than Samsung low cost color laser multifunction I blogged about seeing at CES. Even so I get a few new useful features:

  • Networked printing and scanning. This may allow us to get rid of not only the HP LaserJet 3015, but also a small Dell printer as well.
  • Color flatbed scanner. This will serve to replace the old Agfa 1212u flatbed scanner than I knew would not function under Vista.

Given that I should be able to sell the HP on EBay for about $100 and I no longer have to spend $50 for a new flatbed scanner, and the standard price differential between networked multifunction printers and not is about $100, I’m paying about $30 (and the hassle of a hardware switch, including my time this evening trying to decide what to do, and selling the old printer) for the privilege of getting a working scanner NOW instead of in July. Not great, but not too terrible either.

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