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Vista Upgrade Part 2

March 1, 2007

Following some advice from AVG and some additional work on my own, I was able to uninstall an AVG Antivirus installation that was corrupted as part of the upgrade to Vista and then successfully reinstall AVG. The uninstall was a mix of manual an automated steps. I had to perform a few additional steps beyond those specified by AVG to complete the uninstall, namely:

  • Stopping AVG services manually to allow deletion of files being used.
  • Doing a registry search for certain AVG .DLLs to delete their keys so that I could then delete the .DLLs.

I also discovered that I needed to uninstall and reinstall J. River’s Media Center (version 11) to get it to run under Vista.

Startup of the Vista desktop doesn’t seem much faster than XP, and in fact it is probably a little slower as it takes some time to loan Sidebar Gadgets.

I was able to successfully move a number of User files, e.g. Saved Games, Favorites to a different volume jsut by moving the files there in Explorer.

I also moved the Public folders to a different volume by copying the files there, changing a registry setting, deleting the old files, and sharing the new Public folder.

I am somewhat frustrated by the seeming inability to Vista’s indexed search function to search network shares. If XP and Windows 2003 have this capability, why doesn’t Vista?


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