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More Memory for Small Business Server

March 13, 2007

I have been running SBS 2003 on a Dell PowerEdge SC 430 with 1GB of RAM and a 2.8Ghz Pentium 4. Since installing SBS, it has always been a little sluggish, but after installed Windows Desktop search, it became unbearably slow. I first noticed that requests from J. River Media Center from our Roku Soundbridges began to take interminably long to get responses. When I investigated this evening I found that UI on the server itself was unbearably slow.

Via Performance Monitor, I noticed that an amount of memory in excess of GB had been committed and page faults were running at about 4000/second. A reboot did nothing. So I have ordered another GB of memory turned off Orb and Windows Desktop Search to save some memory. It has since recovered to become merely a little sluggish. Page faults are down by an order of magnitude to about 400/second. Once I install the new memory, I’ll go back to running Orb and Windows Desktop Search again.

Originally this box ran XP Pro and was fine for that purpose. The additional demands of the SBS server apps meant that the server had only a razor thin tolerance for additional memory usage and adding WDS appears to have pushed it past the breaking point.

At least I hope that’s it– otherwise I’ve wasted $125 on new memory.


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