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Orb 1.0 Causing Many Page Faults

March 16, 2007

I installed an extra GB of memory in my SBS 2003 box last night, hoping that this would alleviate the sluggishness I had experienced. It did help initially, but a fair amount of sluggishness returned. Page faults per second were running in excess of 1000 even though there was a fair amount of free memory.

So I experimented with disabling applications and found that most of the page faults disappeared when I stopped the Orb 1.0 service that I had been running.

This may lead me to try Orb 2.0 again. When I tried it several months ago, the experience was not good and my request for assistance on the Orb message board never garnered a response, but this issue with Orb 1.0 may cause me to pursue a another solution in earnest. Another solution might be moving Orb to my Media Center server.

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