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How Useful is Web 2.0?

March 19, 2007

The SBS Diva writes to/of Robert Scoble,  "No sometimes all of us in the tech world need to step back and realize that this "buzz" we speak of is in reality only a few number of folks and the rest of the world are quite happy to continue to use whatever technology has served them well."

This quote (and, in fact, the whole post) struck a chord with me because I have had related thoughts about the many new sites and services that fill the postings of TechCrunch. For a while I tried to keep up with Tech Crunch, and thought that some day I might try some of the more useful sites. But a while ago I gave that up and moved TechCrunch to a less urgent corner of my RSS readers folders.

As a glance through TechCrunch will show, there are many Web 2.0 sites springing up everyday. But who in the real world has the time to actually look at them?

Even when something would pique my interest, I would almost never try it out. Why? Because the odds are that it would not integrate with the other applications and data sources that I use on a daily basis. The effort to integrate even a useful site into my digital life would likely not be worth the effort unless it offered something really amazing.

This is why despite all the talk of sites like Twitter, I think that a company like Microsoft or even IBM is could well add the needed structure and standards that are needed for all of these web applications and data stores to work together in some way that is both useful to the consumers and allows for easily adding additional services. Wasn’t this supposed to be the promise of XML? Well conceived standards, like data structures in programming are what will could make the Web 2.0 explosion useful. Without them, it’s the Internet bubble all over again.


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