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A Few Thoughts About the Evolution of Gaming

March 28, 2007

A few thoughts on the above topic:

  • Many of the old games that seemed so great at the time, and even now are considered classics, really don’t fair very well in comparison to average contemporary games. Given the choice I think most people would prefer to play Assault Heroes on Xbox Live Arcade rather than Castlevania.
  • Will the Role Playing Game and First Person Shooter genres merge? If you look at the games like Crackdown, the GTA series and even Oblivion things seem to be moving in that direction. In listening to an interview with the creators of Mass Effect, they seem to want to create a game that can be played with the emphasis on either aspect.
  • There is tension between creating a game with a wide open world (sandbox) and a game with a good story. Most of the good stories force you down a certain path and that takes away from the notion of a wide open world. What if there was a compelling story happening in the background in the world, rather than directly involving the player, but having effects on the player’s life? Wouldn’t that be compelling storytelling without sacrificing the open ended nature of a players actions in the world. The downside would be that the player’s character couldn’t be such a big player in the world that it could conceivably influence events significantly.

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