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Ways to Improve Media Center

March 28, 2007

Thomas Hawk has three suggestions for how Microsoft should improve Media Center:

  1. Fix the problems that MCE has with large audio mp3 collections.
  2. Offer more robust long tail integration with online video offerings, like video podcast subscriptions.
  3. A "discover" section in Media Center allowing you to browse for other Internet media. 

I don’t disagree that any of these would be useful enhancements.

#1 has supposedly been addressed already in Vista.

I would bet that #2 and #3 will be addressed in short order by third parties to the extent that they have not already. Microsoft is first and foremost a developer of platforms. Third parties can create applications that will run within Media Center and appear on extenders. Nowhere is this easier than in Media Center and this capability has only been enhanced in Vista with its Media Center Markup Language that enables much "richer" applications to be used on Media Center and extenders like the Xbox 360.

These may not be "integrated" with standard Media Center menus in the way Thomas would like, but they are pretty close.


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