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Gaming is Not What the Xbox 360 Elite is All About

April 2, 2007

In thinking about the Xbox 360 Elite, I decided it isn’t really something I’m that interested in. I like the black case better than the white case, but I don’t really mind the while case of the Premium 360s I already have. I don’t have 1080p TVs so the HDMI out isn’t that valuable for me. I don’t download much video content from Xbox live marketplace so the 120GB hard drive isn’t worth that much to me. I play games and using my Xbox 360s as Media Center Extenders, and the Premium is just fine for that.

Note that game players don’t really get that much from the Elite. The real value of the Elite is the 120GB hard drive and that is really only useful for people who download a bunch of videos from Xbox Live marketplace (and perhaps ultimately for IPTV). The only advantage to gamers is that they could keep a bunch of demos and trailers on their system longer (i.e. before deleting them to make room for new content)– something that really doesn’t strike me as all that valuable.

A quick aside on HDMI: for the most part, HDMI probably isn’t that valuable either. HDMI has the potential to introduce a bunch of new problems, contrary to its promise of making everything simpler. Most receivers that even handle HDMI don’t do a great job of switching it. The only real 1080p content (which HDMI can handle but component can’t) aside from a few games is on HD DVD and Blue Ray Discs. I suspect that HDMI will gradually become more valuable as more components in the AV chain support it and when there is more 1080p content– but that day is not here yet.


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