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Apple TV as Prototype HTPC?

April 9, 2007

Ok. maybe not, but I am intrigued by articles like "Apple TV hacked for RSS and emulation, plus bounty for USB drive support" on Engadget. This ability to modify the platform has been one of the distinctive features of the Home Theater PC.

Assuming that Apple actually makes money on each Apple TV sold (in contrast to the money that Microsoft loses on each Xbox 360 and makes up in licensing fees for content), there is really no reason for Apple not to embrace modifications like the one in this article.

With enough modifications, Apple TV could be a decent mid-range box for getting PC content onto your TV, i.e. RSS feeds, online video, web sites with decent 10 foot user interfaces. The only thing it would lack would be robust high definition content playback (see Ars Technica). But that might be ok for only $300 for many people.

Of course I suspect that most the people it might be "ok" for are probably not the ones that will be modding their Apple TV.

Vista combined with the Core Xbox 360 is more robust platform, but for one who needs to use a wireless connection between the media player and the PC, the Xbox becomes more expensive. Similarly, the ability of Apple TV to cache content on its hard drive might make it more reliable in some ways than the Vista-Xbox combination. I’ll be interested to see how people end up using Apple TV.

In any event, if the mods to Apple TV continue it will be nice to have another media player that people can program to their taste.

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  1. Michael permalink

    Well I still think that the Xbox 360 + Windows Media Center thing is much more better. Aren’t there hacks for Windows Media Center too? I’m quite sure that putting RSS on it, isn’t really that hard. Plus, aren’t there more hack right now for Media Center, since it’s been out longer? Sure, the Xbox 360, might be a tad bit more expensive, but you already get a great gaming experience on it. Apple TV just seems to be ok. It’s not really anything new and major. But the Xbox 360 + WMC provides a much more better experience, and offers a whole lot of content and surfaces for people to use. Tell me, which do you prefer, Windows Media Center or Apple TV? I just think that Apple put up a fair, but lame kind of thing on the market, if you compare it to WMC.

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