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CableCard Media Center Fails to Record Desperate Housewives

May 1, 2007

Yesterday, the new Vista Media Center PC with CableCard failed to record Desperate Housewives. Fortunately the Comcast PVR I have kept around for backup, recorded it just fine.

Vista Media Center makes it easy to locate the reason why a show did not record: Recorded TV – View Scheduled – History – By Date. The error indicated "There was no TV signal when the show was scheduled to record." Looking at the history some more I noticed that this error had occurred before, every few days, without regularity.

When time permits I’ll call Velocity Micro to see how they approach this problem, I suspect that the issue is that the Digital Cable Tuner isn’t waiting long enough for a signal, or trying hard enough, because I have never has a problem tuning digital cable channels live.

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