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Photo Editing

June 19, 2007

Yesterday I titled and filed all of my photos and home videos for the past year. I found that the Vista Photo Gallery was a surprisingly efficient method of doing this work. It allowed photos to be titled and adjusted in simple ways relatively easily. Changing filenames did not seem to require nearly as many keystrokes as it would have had I been using Windows XP’s filmstrip view (which is the closest thing in Windows XP).

Of course, what I have not yet done is tag the photos. To date all of my photos have been tagged using J. River’s Media Center, but its tags are not supported in Media Center (or any other application that I am aware of). I am tempted to start using the XML tagging used in Vista, Photoshop Elements and Microsoft’s Digital Image Suite. But I am held back by a few of factors:

  • Microsoft has now discontinued Digital Image Suite (no wonder I was able to pick it up for free with a rebate!)
  • I would have to retag about 5000 existing photos
  • I suspect that this system is inferior to the scheme used by J River’s Media Center and the hierarchies of tags I can create
  • The current approach of putting photos in a folder hierarchy actually seems to work ok for many types of photos (other types get lost in huge generic folders, however)

So I remain paralyzed with respect to tagging (at least for the moment).

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