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HTC Mogul

June 22, 2007

A couple of days ago, I purchased the new HTC Mogul, which seems to be getting pretty good– if not glowing reviews. One such informative review with which I agree a great deal is up at


I have had its predecessor, the PPC-6700 for about 18 months and the battery felt like it was going to need to be replaced soon. I figured rather than spring for a new battery, I would upgrade the phone instead. I was generally satisfied with the PPC6700, so absent the release of the Mogul, I would have just purchased a new battery.

The phone arrived the day after it was ordered and the 2GB microSD card arrived two days later (today). That was enough to get me to set up the phone this evening, which went surprisingly quickly. The microSD card was surprisingly inexpensive– less that $30 for a 2GB Sandisk card, with adapter, shipped priority mail.

The Vista Sync Center recognized the phone without incident. Likewise I installed two of the applications I use a lot (ListPro 4.1; and NewsGatorGo) without any problem. The new phone sync’d to the same directory as my old PPC-6700. The provisioning of wireless services was handled with a quick call to Sprint and was effective about 20 minutes later. If only the WSUS 3.0 had been this easy!

Things I like:

  • The smaller size.
  • Bluetooth 2.0. (Which corresponds to the recent US release of the Blue Trek ST1 Headphones I have had my eye on since CES.
  • Lights on the keyboard that indicate when capslock or numlock is active.
  • Number keys on the keypad arranged in a keypad array rather than sequentially across the top.
  • Lots of free memory (over 140MB!). This will certainly go down as I open email attachments and cache Internet pages, but it is over triple the initial free memory of the PPC-6700.
  • Java, which hopefully will make more web sites usable.

Things I don’t like are pretty well covered in the review I mentioned above, but it’s nothing major.

The big question in my mind is what will battery life be like. That was one of my biggest problems with the PPC-6700, I couldn’t go through a 12-hour day of light use, but a lot of pushed emails, without the battery getting too low to use the device. I suspect (based on other posts I’ve read) that the Mogul’s battery life is only marginally better, but I’ll see for myself soon enough– tomorrow I will have the phone set up to get push emails from my firm’s Exchange server.

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