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Why Blog?

June 28, 2007

This blog has mostly been about personal technology issues, but occasionally there are other posts as well, such as this one on tax policy that David Frum linked to today. What links these together? Why not have a consistent theme?

What links these together is that I post things that I think might be interesting to the world at large. In a world of RSS feeds making it easy to skip posts that aren’t of interest, I think this approach makes sense. It comes at a cost of some thematic disharmony and may turn off some readers, but that seems like an acceptable price to pay for having a single, convenient place to put ideas on the Internet where:

  • They can be picked up by search engine spiders and brought to people who might be interested in them, but have never heard of this blog.
  • Those with RSS readers can easily pick out some subset of posts that might interest them.
  • I can refer to prior posts in posts on message boards, emails or the like.

I’m pretty sure this is isn’t a way to develop a large following, but that’s probably not worth the effort. Making some ideas available to everyone on the Internet is worth the fairly minimal effort.

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