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Bluetrek ST1 Arrives

July 4, 2007

After seeing the Bluetrek ST1 at CES in January these Bluetooth headphones finally are available in the US, albeit perhaps on the grey market imported from the UK. These had seemed to be the best Bluetooth headphones I had seen to date because they were flexible enough to lie flat in a briefcase, but not so flexible as to get a cord tangled.

Their availability coincided with my purchase of a cell phone I could pair them with,  so I purchased them.

They arrived yesterday and here are my observations so far:

  • They are somewhat less comfortable than expected, which might be problematic for long listening but I suspect will not be a problem for my half hour commute on which I listen to podcasts.
  • They are too small to leave draped around your neck when not in use, but they seem to fit acceptably well in a front pocket.
  • The setup was painless and they paired just fine with the HTC Mogul. The voice commands work just fine with them, although oddly the Mogul repeats the voice command through the phone’s speaker rather than through the headphones.
  • The best feature is the ability to easily pause playback to listen to something/someone. It is possible with the press of a button now. Previously I had to get out the Pocket PC, unlock it, go to Windows Media Player and press the pause button on the screen.

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