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Some Thoughts on the iPhone

July 10, 2007

An excellent real-world, albeit anecdotal, test of the iPhone is described here.

A number of people have asked if I would be getting an iPhone, not thinking about the fact that I have not owned an Apple product since 1992.

Usually there is something about Apple products that makes them bad members of my electronic ecosystem. In the case of the iPhone, there are a number of such failings– functionality I would miss:

  • No push email from the Exchange server at my firm
  • No application support for some key Windows Mobile applications like ListPro and Newsgator Go
  • Orb doesn’t really work
  • J River’s Media Center doesn’t appear to support syncing media to it
  • Fast internet. What good is a web browser if it takes forever to load a page?

Is the pretty interface worth the hassles of always wonder if applications and services will work on your phone? Not for me.

Note that in some cases better functionality is worth less compatibility: only running Media Center plugins that support Media Center Extenders, and running a CableCard PC that has files that can’t be played back on other PCs, for example. But I try to avoid these absent some really compelling reason to forsake compatibility.

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