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The Value of Redundancy

August 1, 2007

One of the advantages to having a multi-room AV system and a somewhat elaborate home network (for example 4 Xbox 360s, 3 laptop PCs, 2 desktop PCs, a PC Acting as a Media Center server, a PC acting as a Small Business Server, 3 Roku Soundbridges, etc.) is that responding to problems is somewhat easier in several ways:

  • It is usually possible to swap in a comparable piece of hardware to test a piece that is suspect.
  • If a piece goes down and needs to be sent away for service another lower valued piece can be swapped in from another part of the house.

Of course the downside is that upgrades to stay near the cutting edge is more expensive than I like to think about. But its cheaper than many vehicle based hobbies like boating or club racing! 

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