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Power is Back

August 29, 2007

We recently powered up the networked devices in our home after three days without power following the storms that hit Chicago last Thursday and Friday. Aside from a few anomalies the startup after the unplanned and extensive loss of power went pretty well:

  • I had forgotten that the Uninterruptible Power Supply that protects our home servers against less sever power interruptions needs to have the power button held in for two seconds to turn it on. I don’t have the servers set to shut down on a loss of power, figuring that I don’t want them shutting down after a short loss of power and I’ve never had any ill effects from the uncontrolled shutdown after the UPS runs out. Ideally, software on the servers would start a controlled shutdown after about 15 minutes, but I don’t know if such a regime is easily implemented.
  • The Media Center server had to be restarted twice to get both CableCard tuner to come back to life, but they did!
  • The Small Business Server had to be restarted as well– which seems to take about 10 minutes.
  • In order to get J River’s Media Center operating, I need to log onto Small Business Server as a user. To avoid this necessity, I once tried briefly to run Media Center as a service, but this approach is not supported by J River and I was not successful in getting any useful service running. It would run, but there were problems.
  • Each of the three Roku Soundbridges needed to be restarted as well– I used the restart as an opportunity to upgrade the firmware on each one.

All in all, restarting the network was fairly simple and painless. I suspect that would not have been true about five years ago. For all of the complaints about the unreliability of PCs compared to consumer electronics devices, PCs have certainly come a long way from where they once were.

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