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Drobo Dashboard 1.02

September 12, 2007

Based on an alert from the Drobo, I update to Drobo Dashboard 1.02 this evening and the Drobo disappeared from Windows Explorer, and I could not remotely log onto SBS 2003.

A little investigation revealed the problem: a second session was still logged onto the SBS2003 box to which the Drobo was attached. This was presumably still using the old version of the Dashboard, preventing the update from completing. Logging that user off allowed the Drobo to be recognized again.

I ran the update again with only one user logged on and it completed, seemingly without a hitch.

Update 1: Ok. maybe not without a hitch.

When I went to look at the network shares on the Drobo they appeared empty. So I retried to shut down the SBS box and restart it, figuring that maybe a some type of cache that populates the Network node in explorer needs to be cleared and refilled. This results in an interminably long boot for SBS while it waits for the Drobo to do a fair amount of disk thrashing (reconfiguration?). So I restart SBS without the Drobo attached. It boots in about five minutes. I then attach the Drobo which begins signs of activity and the USB activity light stays on, only the Drobo hasn’t yet been recognized by the Drobo dashboard.

15 minutes later the Drobo disk activity continues and the USB activity light stays lit, but the Drobo dashboard still inidicates that the Drobo has not been recognized. I’ll let this run and see what the status is tomorrow morning.

Whether or not this all turns out ok as I let this run overnight, this is not the way a simple update should go down– especially as there was nothing in the release notes that indicated there would be a complete loss of availability for an extended period of time following the update.

Update 2: 40 minutes after connection, the Drobo was finally recognized by SBS. But the shared files and folders were no longer shared, so I had to recreate the network shares and unset the Read Only bit on many files and directories. Avoiding this BS is one of the reasons I purchased the Drobo in the first place. I certainly hope this does not happen with any future updates!

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