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Trying New Software – Part 1

September 17, 2007

Many years ago, I would try almost any beta software or game demo that looked interesting and became available. My interest in personal computing and what my friend referred to a "King Midas" tendancy to collect software, meant that I tried and saved a lot of software.

That is far less true now, but the lure of free applications for me is similar to the lure of free food to others: even though not really a beneficial personal activity the lure of free is too deeply ingrained to ignore.

The result is that over that last couple of years I’ve built up a directory of application install files that I have downloaded but not actually tried.

Now I’m going to make my way through them and try them. But I am likely to pull the trigger pretty quickly and jettison any application that give me trouble. This may not be fair and these don’t represent reviews, but then I’m not a journalist, so with those caveats I’ll describe my experiences anyway.

Here were my tries this evening:

Abuse (a game of some sort)– the install went fine, but no icon to run the game appeared in any of the normal places. A try running the main executable did not do anything, even when run with Administrator privileges. UNINSTALLED.

Anvil Studio (a free music composition application) — Initial install seemed to go fine. When running the app for the first time it suggests that I upgrade, which I try but the upgrade fails because the application is still running. So I uninstall and try running the install for the latest version. That fails when I try to install to a non-default directory. The failed install also leaves the install file locked. UNINSTALLED.

More soon… I hope this gets better!

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