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Trying New Software – Part 2

September 18, 2007

I am running though a collection of application install files I have downloaded with the intention of checking them out. This is the latest installment of the series:

Blip Blop (a simple platform game) – Installed and ran just fine. I may not ever play it again, but its not worth the effort to uninstall.

Disc Washer (a disk cleanup utility) – I notice my install file is from 2004 so download a new version, which I note is called "Disk Washer" and is a trial version. Upon running the installed application, I notice that all of the option checkboxes run outside of the background, as if their fonts made them bigger than the application was expecting. This combined with the fact that there is no easy function to scan and THEN delete files leads me to uninstall.

I skip a couple of game demo files that I might actually want to spend some time on– Company of Heroes and Def Con

IGN Download Manager from 2006 – I’m pretty sure this merged with Gamespy and therefore FilePlanet and that I already have installed a more up to date version of this application. So I delete the install executable.

Elecard MPEG 4.0 Beta from 2005 – Too old. Beta. May not be Vista compatible. Three strikes. If I were looking for an MPEG player (e.g. for some random application) I would download a current version. But because Vista’s MPEG decoder has served my just fine to date I delete the old install file instead.

DVRMS Toolbox (manipulate DVRMS files recorded using Windows Media Center) – From August 2007. I’m not on my main Media Center PC, but am on a Vista Ultimate PC with a dual TV tuner (albeit not connected) so I install. The install goes fine and I connect my tuner card to the cable feed in my office. Off to test how the tuner card is working…

Colossus (clone of the Avalon Hill Titan game) – The Titan board game consumed a fair number of hours of down time in College so I am willing to go to a little effort to get this installed. That effort will be necessary. I download a recent update of the game, which is written in Java. I then download and install the current Java virtual machine for Windows (which takes forever). Next I unzip the Java program files (which takes forever)– perhaps because files are being checked for viruses as they are being unzipped? Judging from my Multimeter sidebar gadget, the setup of this game is proving to be one of the most processor and memory intensive tasks my PC has ever performed! But the install was successful and the game looks quite robust. Cool,

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