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Trying New Software – Part 3

September 21, 2007

I am running though a collection of application install files I have downloaded with the intention of checking them out. This is the latest installment of the series:

Elderscrolls Arena (free classic RPG) – The first part of the installer indicated it wanted to be installed in a root directory of one of my drives. No thanks.

Encode360 3.0 RC1- (video transcoder to Windows Media format for use with the Xbox 360) – installs itself and soem K-Lite codecs fine. The spacing of some items on the main screen is off (I run at 1600×1200 with large fonts), but it is still usable. I try transcoding four VOB files from a decrytpted DVD I have on our server. The application is unresponsive at first, but after a minute or so, the title bar shows the percentage transcoded and a progress bar appears at the bottom of the window. CPU usage for both cores ranges between 82% and 99%. If this works I’ll be impressed as it is pretty easy (and therefore convenient) to use. I try playing another video while it runs, but Encode360 seems to be hogging too much CPU for Windows Media Player to work correctly. I don’t see a way to have multiple files output as one, but (i) I may be missing it, and (ii) I suspect that capability exits elsewhere. I’ll keep it.

FileZilla (FTP client) – seems like a pretty nice, free application. I’ll keep it.

FreeFile (a program to identify what process is using a locked file) – installs fine and is potentially useful. I’ll keep it.

Gimp (graphics program) won’t install without some third party libraries. I decide these are not worth tracking down. Deleted.

GraphCalc – seems like a decent graphing/calculator application. I keep it.

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