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Trying New Software – Part 5

November 1, 2007

I am running though a collection of application install files I have downloaded with the intention of checking them out. This is the latest installment of the series:

AIV Startup Protector – failed to register an OCX. A quick visit to the AIV website revealed others with similar problems, but no sure fire solition. Deleted.

Company of Heroes Single Player Demo – did not seem to like Vista, giving me a DirectX 9 error after a long install. A quick web search revealed no obvious solution. Deleted.

Iron Grip – looked like an interesting Half Life 2 mod, but I’d rather buy and play Orange Box, so I’m unlikely to have time for this. Deleting without installing.

Lemmings 2 – I never played Lemmings, but had heard it was good. Unfortunately this free download of the DOS game won’t run under Vista. I look for and find a freeware version that works under windows and installs fine. Kept.

Live Meeting – I think this was a free beta when I downloaded it. Now it is no longer free and I can’t envision paying for it. Deleted before installing.

Mech Warrior 4 Mercenaries – I have liked some of the prior Mech Warrior games (many years ago) but this has not aged well. Deleted.

Digital Media Converter – Not freeware. Generated Vista errors and didn’t want to use the Codecs I already had installed. Deleted.

Mobile Photo Enhancer – Tried on a couple of my mobile phone photos. The resulting photos looked no better to me. Deleted.

Music Brainz Tagger. An interesting concept that I am skeptical of. But it installs withou a hitch, so I keep it.

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