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Trying New Software – Part 7

November 4, 2007

I am running though a collection of application install files I have downloaded with the intention of checking them out. This is the latest installment of the series:

PhotoMapper – allows adding GPS EXIF tags to photos. This is something I’d like to do at some point and although I probably won’t end up using this software, I like the idea and it installed fine, so I’ll keep it around.

Radio Liner – works much like ripcast in that it saves music files being broadcast by internet radio stations complete with artist and title information. Ripcast was usually off by a couple of seconds, in where it split files making it an imperfect substitute for the original music. That meant that I never really used it as the time to correct tracks made it not worthwhile. I don’t know if Radio Liner suffers from this problem, but I’ll keep it around to see at some future date.

Reflector – dot Net class browser. For when I take up actual programming again. I’ll keep this around too.

Free Registry Defrag – works and installs under Vista. Supposedly defrags and compresses your registry. Seemed to work without incident. Whether it does anything worthwhile is another question. I’ll keep it around unless I found it has created some problem.

Registry Distiller – cleans references to nonexistent files out of the registry. Acts like a HTML application. Scanning process took about 3 minutes– not too bad. Found 912 pointers to non-existent items, although Vista would not permit changing the vast majority of them. I’ll keep it around unless I found it has created some problem.

Threatfire – a rootkit scanner recommened by PC Magazine. Installs and functions fine. Kept. 

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