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Trying New Software – Part 8

November 8, 2007

I am running though a collection of application install files I have downloaded with the intention of checking them out. This is the latest installment of the series:

RenameMaster – a fairly powerful (includes scripting!) rename utility with a GUI. This looks like the best such utility I’ve seen. Kept.

Resourcer for .NET – "Resourcer is an editor for .resources binaries and .resX XML file formats used with the .NET platform. Resourcer allows editing of name/string pairs, import of bitmaps/icons and and merging of resources from different sources." Kept — for if I ever try .Net programming again.

StartRight – replaces all your applications run at startup so it can start them more slowly, making the system more responsive. Seemed to install ok, but I’m a little leery of actually trying this. It is intriguing enough to keep around, but not yet compelling enough to use.

WinDirStat – an application the nicely helps find where the files that are filling up your hard drive are located. I have found this is an especially thorny problem on my C: drives where so many caches, temp and hidden files live. Has a nice graphical representation and seems to work ok, so kept.

Savage – "Combining real time strategy and first person action, Savage delivers the next level in multiplayer gaming. Instead of sending mindless computer drones into battle, imagine organizing real human players on a crusade to conquer your adversary. Choose to be a commander, and you will play an in-depth RTS game, researching technologies, mining resources, and issuing orders to your units. Choose to be a warrior, and you will play an intense game of first person combat, wielding your weapon of choice to strike down the enemy." Had I known this was a gime, I probably would not have installed it, but while running the installer I found the above description, which seemed potentially interesting. Unfortunately, it did not install a program group, thinks I have a PCI graphics card and seems to require a CD Key. Deleted.

Secure Data Organizer – Hold the promise of letting me someday have strong unique passwords for everything. Given its promised ability to work with my PDA and enter usernames and passwords automatically. It seems to function ok too. This is a project for another day, so I’ll keep this until then.

Tinn – a nice notepad replacement that the author stopped working on in 2005. Still better than Notepad! Kept.

SWINE – a real time strategy game from 2001 (I discover via a web search while installing). Runs, but doesn’t grab me enough to make me want to play instead of testing some more applications. Kept for a rainy day.

Torus Trooper – a Tempest-like freeware game. Unfortunately, it is old and seems flaky under Vista. Deleted.

Sim Acquarium 2 – ThreatFire doesn’t like this. An aquarium would be nice, but it is not worth any risk. Deleted.

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