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The Lure of Facebook

November 13, 2007

Until Mark Cuban’s post about the value of Facebook, i.e. "The beauty of Facebook, as opposed to Myspace and other social networks is that the people on there are for the most part who they say they are, and Facebook does their best to dismiss those who aren’t." I had never given Facebook much thought at all.

That post convinced me that it was worth taking a look at facebook. So unlike other Web 2.0 sites, I created a profile. The ability to search for other real people led me to discover that other people that I knew also had profiles and to add them as friends.

In and odd sort of way, I found the experience of exploring Facebook, joining groups and networks to be like creating a character in an RPG– only the character is me. I have seen in passing discussion about how Facebook users tend to stay on the site for long periods of time (another thing that makes it valuable). I think a big reason for that is the same as the reason why World of Warcraft and Diablo 2 have a tendency to eat up time.

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