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December 18, 2007

When we remodeled our house (completed about two years ago) we put in a bunch of X-10 switches and thermostats. The extra cost of about $2500 seemed like a reasonable expense in the context of a much larger project. Shortly thereafter I purchased HomeSeer home automation software and put it on our server.

In the course of that installation I discovered that installation of HomeSeer on Small Business Server is requires some effort, namely stopping IIS and setting Homeseer to run on port 81 (it uses a web based interface).

Last evening I discovered that in-application upgrades don’t seem to work so well either. When I tried to update Homeseer, the update failed and I could no longer access Homeseer via its web interface (which meant I really couldn’t access much at all.) The failure as reflected in the logs showed an inability to install the update. After several hours of experimentation, I was able to fix the probem by uninstalling HomeSeer and then reinstalling it. In fairness, I suspect use of HomeSeer on Windows 2003 is not officially supported so that they don’t have to address issues like this one.

You can good sense for the power and flexibility of the application by looking at the extensive forums.

The two major home IT projects of the coming weeks are actually doing some HomeSeer programming and putting Microsoft XML tags on our family photos, both of which I’ve been putting off while I finished Mass Effect!

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