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Orb as a Mobile Solution

December 19, 2007

I recently lost the microSD card for my phone and was forced to turn to my backup: Orb. Orb has the virtue of being a nice platform for accessing content on your home PC from remote locations.

When I have hardwired connection and am using a PC it seems to work just fine for accessing my Media, although in that situation I will generally use J River’s Media Center, so I don’t have much experience with Orb.

Where I held out high hopes for Orb was in accessing media (mainly audio files) from my Windows Mobile HTC Mogul on Sprint’s EVDO network. In theory, I should be able to ditch the time spent syncing files to a microSD card at home and instead just listen to whatever I want via Orb’s web based application.

The problem in practice has been that connections tend to get dropped about every 15 minutes on average and they do not get reconnected. I don’t know enough to allocate blame for this, but unfortunately this result has led me to use Orb only as a backup, when I would prefer to use it as my primary means of accessing audio files to listen to from on my phone.

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