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I Finally Bought a DSLR

January 7, 2008

My wife finally got sufficiently annoyed with the performance of our old Konica-Minolta Z3 that she pushed me into getting a better camera. The issues with the Z3 were poor indoor performance without a flash and flash recycle times of about 10 seconds. Hard to take pictures of kids with those constraints. I was wary of the larger size of a DSLR, but replacing the Z3 with a non-DSLR risked not solving these problems (see five reasons you need a digital SLR), so I went the DSLR route.

I bought the Canon XTi body, and 8GB CF card and three lenses:

Total cost for everything, including an extra battery and filters: about $1100. The extra size does make me less likely to take the camera with me, but it’s not an issue when taking photos around the house. In any event, I’m still looking for a small pocket sized camera that I can grab to take stills and video.

More on my DSLR purchase decision and rationales (as someone who does not pretend to be an advanced photographer, but wants some key capabilities)– as well as a few early experiences later.

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  1. Dieter permalink

    Good choice, I also got into my first DSLR about 6 months ago, went for the stock lens (18 – 55 non IS) and picked up an additional 28-135mm IS lens as my general walkaround lens. Be sure to post how things go as you learn to use the camera etc, I’m always looking for tips as I’m still learning too. As for a larger zoom lens, I havent decided on buying one yet, but there is a great website in the US for renting lenses at very decent rates: I’ve used them a couple of times to rent a 70-300mm IS lens, great for trips or if you are thinking about buying a new lens (try before you buy).

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