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Squeezebox Duet: A Potential Successor the Roku Soundbridge

January 9, 2008

I like the design of the Roku Soundbridge networked audio player and the fact that it works with J River Media Center’s UPnP server.

What I don’t like is the lack of fast forward, skip or resume functionality within tracks. The lack of this functionality makes it almost impossible to listen to long podcasts, which I seldom have the opportunity to listen to in one sitting.

So far, however, the lack of UPnP functionality in other players with fast forward functionality was sufficient cause not to consider replacing our three Roku Soundbridges.

At CES today, however, I talked to Logitech about their Squeezebox Duet.

It will sell for about $400 (for both components pictured above, less for each). It can fast forward and rewind audio files that it can play natively (which include WMA and MP3 files– but nothing with DRM). And it will work (but is not supported) with non-Logitech UPnP servers.

At $400, it’s not a slam dunk. But it’s nice to know that this product exists– at a reasonable price and with a cool remote with a color screen. Maybe start with one…

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