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The Ubiquity of Digital Picture Frames

January 9, 2008

At CES today, I couldn’t help but notice that a huge number of companies are selling digital picture frames. Many are fairly generic.

The more intriguing ones have Wifi connectivity. Kodak has one, but based on the lack of enthusiasm or information from the woman and the Kodak booth it doesn’t seem that impressive.

In contrast, D-Link has a pretty interesting 10" frame that they think will be for sale in the first quarter of 2008. This look is subject to change prior to release:

It gets photos from a UPnP server rather than requiring that they be manually transferred from the PC to the frame. Meaning if you have a nice UPnP server (like J River Media Center) you can do neat things without manual intervention.

Is can also get photos (and other information from RSS feeds) that you can create yourself using framechannel. You can select from among any number of feeds using the frame. This means that with a click of the frame’s remote, you can do things like display the current weather or news headlines.

Talk about a thin client! Pretty cool for about $250,

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