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Workflow for Photo Tagging In Media Center

February 2, 2008

I have finally figured out a fairly efficient workflow for processing and tagging photos using J River Media Center and Windows Live Photo Gallery. It took me about 4 hours to go through about 800 photos using these steps:

  1. Import photos to New photo directory on server
  2. Delete duplicate or poor photos and reorient vertical photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery
  3. Copy photos from New photo directory on server to local directory for tagging
  4. Run Media Center and import local copies of photos in local library (i.e. not shared library on network share)
  5. View all new photos using the top level of one of the viewschemes
  6. Make sure columns for Genre, Event,Location,Places, People and Keywords are shown
  7. Assign name, genre and event information to photos using details view (or thumbnails view for photos from things like trips)
  8. Use Media Center’s Library Tools to Rename Files from Properties to make filenames consistent with the new name information (useful for viewing these files from with Vista Media Center)
  9. Assign location and place information displaying thumbnails and using tagging mode
  10. Assign people tags one person at a time by displaying thumbnails and using tagging mode
  11. Sort photos by Genre and drag to appropriate new folders in Drives and Devices part of tree
  12. Assign keywords to photos using the following JRMC expression (which creates an XMLs tags from the above information, which can be read by Windows Vista):
    • =if(IsEmpty([Genre]),,Genre[Genre];)if(IsEmpty([Event]),,Event[Event];)if(IsEmpty([Location]),,Location[Location];)if(IsEmpty([Places]),,Places[Places];)if(IsEmpty([People]),,Peoplereplace([People],;,;People))
  13. Log in to server remote desktop and use running Media Server to import new photos from their new directories
  14. Delete copies of photos from New photo directory on server
  15. Delete all but one photo (to use for future reference the next time I go through this process) from the local library only

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