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Faster Vista

February 7, 2008

After installing the hotfix for the intermittent non-responsiveness I had been experiencing on my office PC, I discovered that the sleep mode had turned into something more akin to hibernation– in that the power button needed to be depressed to start the PC after "sleeping", I would get a resuming Windows Vista message on the screen, and the PC would take a couple of minutes to become fully responsive.

So I upgraded two sets of nVidia drivers for my GeForce 8800GTS card and my nForce 680i motherboard chipset and these problems went way. Perhaps I should have done this a while ago as I hadn’t updated these drivers in about six months– but I was loathe to do so as I thought the updates might cause a new problem and there was no specific problems I was having that I thought the updates might fix.

BTW, the hotfix seems to have worked and I’m no longer experiencing the bouts of nonresponsiveness that I saw previously.

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