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Replacement Xbox 360 with Xbox Live Arcade Games: The Solution

March 12, 2008

Almost six months ago I blogged about the problem that I had been having with Xbox Live Arcade games only working on a replacement console (one sent to me after the first one red-ringed).

The problem was finally fixed… almost six months later and a number of calls and broken promises with respect to when the problem would be fixed and when I would hear back. As others have reported, some adjustment relating to the DRM was made so that when I redownloaded the games from the Download History screen, they would no work on my new console without my having to be logged in on the Xbox Live Gamertag I had used to purchase them originally.

The ordeal wasn’t terrible for me, because I am really the only one in our house that plays these games so I would just log on if ever I wanted to play. But the cluelessness of Xbox Live support and the broken promises and lack of communication were really annoying– and should be of concern to Microsoft. Another ameliorating I think in the course of my complaints about broken promises I received at lease one (maybe two– it’s been so long I can’t remember) free wireless controllers from Xbox Customer Support.

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