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Finding a UPnP Media Played for Pocket PC

March 18, 2008

I have been trying to find a working Universal Plug’n Play media player for my Pocket PC phone– without success.

In theory both the Rudeo Play & Control and the Conduits PocketPlayer should do this, but neither seems to function properly. The Rudeo won’t find any server on my network after finding them all the first time I ran it. The PocketPlayer finds the servers and lets me browse, but won’t actually play any media.

This is all part of my quest to be able to listen to podcasts at home (when I am not by a PC) and do two things: (i) pick up the podcast where I left off if I get interrupted; and (ii) not have to copy podcasts to a new memory card on a regular basis. If my Roku Soundbridges I have or the Xbox 360’s I own could just fast forward audio files this would not even be an issue! Grrr….

I was hoping to put a UPnP player on my HTC Mogul and the listen to podcasts with a nice set of Sony Bluetooth headphones. But it does not look like that will be happening yet.

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