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More Media Center Updating

March 25, 2008

Updating the OCUR digital cable tuner drivers on my Media Center PC to version 1.16 wasn’t quite as smooth as it seemed at first. I discovered yesterday that after the update, the OCUR tuners had only been acting as analog cable tuners after the update.

A call to Comcast to reactivate the tuners and installation of Vista Service Pack 1 resulted in the tuners becoming operational as digital tuners again several hours after my call to Comcast. I’m not sure whether both were necessary, but, throwing caution to the wind I figured as long the Media Center was effectively out of commission I might as use this opportunity to update it to Vista Service Pack 1 while I waiting for Comcast to reactivate the tuners and their CableCards.

The SP1 install seems to have gone flawlessly and took about 50 minutes. Because all the PCs on our network are updated via Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) running on Small Business Server 2003, I had to download the Service Pack 1 install manually and install it as it is apparently not yet being offered through WSUS.

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