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March 26, 2008

I tried out a couple of new websites this past weekend.

The first is, which will take your Amazon or other delimited wishlist and let you know when the prices of items reach target levels that you set. The site seems to work ok and importing your Amazon wishlist is easy, but some additional functionality would be nice, for example:

  • It would be nice if WishRadar looked to see if your items were available from other sources, e.g.
  • The site was very slow for me.
  • There is no obvious way to import wishlists from other sites.

In short, the site seems too Amazon-centric right now.

The second site I tried is called It is in beta, but I received an invite about 10 days after asking for one. It presents a dashboard of key information from other sites at which you may have accounts, e.g. FaceBook, Gmail, Amazon. So that you can see important new information on one page without having to visit each site.

The idea is a good one, but as with WishRadar, some more functionality would be nice:

  • Having more sites participate.
  • Being able to select what information from each site you want displayed.
  • Having new information from PageOnce made available by RSS feed.

I also note that you can include brokerage accounts among those tracked by PageOnce, but I would not want tom include these for a couple f reasons: (i) you must give your account ID and password for any site aggregated bv PageOnce; and (ii) the terms of use of the site absolve PageOnce of any meaningful liability for misuse of the information you give them. Those struck me as a toxic combination with respect to brokerage account access!

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