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Windows Server Update Services Breaks Again and is Fixed

May 6, 2008

Right about the time I upgraded Windows Server Update Services 3.0 (WSUS) to Service Pack 1 and installed Vista Service Pack 1, the automatic updates on most of our home PCs seemed to stop working. In fact, they were still working for everything but the "selfupdate" of the Windows Update client application (which is what actually installs the updates on each PC).

I the WindowsUpdate.log file identified the following error: "2008-05-03 14:11:27:417 6132 e28 Setup WARNING: Failed to stop the WU
service, error = 0x80070005 " This error had cropped up last fall and I worked around it by manually installing the new Windows Update client. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to manually install the latest Windows Update client, so I was forced to finally address the root cause of the problem– whatever that was.

After about eight hours of searching message board posts, experimenting with various possible solutions and some dialog on the message boards a search turned up the answer (modified slightly for my situation):

  1. Changed the "Automatic Updates" service to "not defined" (both
    startup and security settings)
  2. Deleted the following registry entry on the clients: HKLMSYSTEM
  3. When group policy was updated the problem was solved.

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