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More Experimenting with Bluetooth Headphones

May 31, 2008

This evening I tried out the IOGear GBU321 Class 1 Bluetooth USB dongle. I learned a few key things:

  • To use this after installing the IOGear GBU221 Class 2 Bluetooth USB dongle you must uninstall the drivers for the GBU221, then reinstall the same drivers (at least run the same setup file) this time inserting the GBU321 at the right time during the installation routine. Then delete any devices that remained from the prior installation and re-pair your bluetooth devices.
  • When used with the Sony DRBT-50 headphones the range is not noticeably better than when I used the IOGear Class 2 USB dongle. This is true even though Class 1 devices are supposed to have a range of 300-400 feet versus 30 feet for Class 2 devices.
  • The Nokia BH-604 headphones don’t work any better with this dongle than with the IOGear GBU221.

I have some more Class 1 dongles coming next week. I will report what I learn from trying them.


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