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Why Bluetooth Headphones and Podcasts Go Together

May 31, 2008

The significance of Bluetooth headphones (the ear encapsulating kind) being surprisingly good is that this is a solution to my problem of how to listen to podcasts. I have detailed in previous posts my difficulty in finding a good solution to listening to podcasts at home given various constraints. Actually using a computer turns out to be a pretty good solution.

I had been so caught up in consuming digital media use non-PC devices like TVs and Audio components that I had overlooked the conventional PC. Without Bluetooth headphones using the PC would have consigned me to not using headphones at all or being tethered to the computer with USB headphones. Neither was an satisfying solution.

With the advent of good quality, over the ear Bluetooth 2.0 headphones (a category that I think only includes the Sony DR-BT50 and Nokia BH-604), however, I am able to log on to our living room laptop, turn on the Bluetooth headphones run J River Media Center, "connect" to the headphones using the Bluetooth tray icon and then listen to whatever I want using Media Center. I can start listening at any point I want, pause, load up a playlist, etc. All the great features of PC media players are now at my disposal without being tied to sitting in front of the PC.


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