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Some Useful New Web Sites

July 23, 2008

I try to keep abreast of new web sites and applications that I might find useful by looking through RSS feeds from a variety of site, e.g. AppScout). I use the FeedDemon RSS reader which allows me to save stories into clippings folders which I can then access from any PC that uses FeedDemon. This lets me easily clip stories in spare moments at work for later review at home.

I recently when through a host of such saved stories and ended up adding the following potentially useful sites to my Delicious list (which I use as a synchronized personal list of favorites because the Windows Live Toolbar (which I use to sync my actual favorites in Internet Explorer between PCs) can’t handle the more than 1000 such sites I want to keep links to).

Here are the sites I added recently:

miRoamer – "An online portal where users can access the world’s largest and most diverse selection of Internet radio content – for FREE" Allows you to access your list of streaming sources from any PC or mobile device.

thesixtyone – A Digg-like music recommendation site.

Cookthink – A site with a search engine tailored for recipes.

TVRage.Com – A nice comprehensive site that follows TV programming. I intend to use it to find new show recommendations.

PDFHammer – A web based PDF editor. Allows editing PDFs from any PC.

MyWeather – combines results from detailed local weather radars across the country onto Microsoft Virtual Earth maps. – Streaming music search engine. Allows you to find sources that will stream you the music you search for.

ModernFeed – An site that aggregates and organizes free feeds of TV shows on the web. Saves you the trouble of having to know what site might be hosting a show you want to watch, e.g. is it on or – A nice collection of comedy videos.

The Hype Machine – Seems similar to Recommended as a potential source of new music.


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