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Ripping Blu-Ray Discs

July 24, 2008

With the purchase of a Blu-Ray player, I wondered if I should start ripping Blu-Ray discs for playback on Media Center Extenders in the same way I now do for DVDs. The answer is "no."

The reason is a combination of the current limits of the files that the Xbox360 can play back when acting as a Media Center Extender and the lack of maturity of ripping tools.

Currently the time it takes me to rip a DVD and get it ready to add to MyMovies in Media Center is about an hour and takes only four simple steps.

In contrast, decrypting and ripping Blu-Ray discs is no problem thanks to AnyDVD HD, but the next steps are more numerous, complicated and time intensive that it would be worth for me. Further, because the Xbox 360 won’t yet playback H.264 files when acting as a Media Center Extender, I would need to transcode a substantial number of files degrading quality and introducing further complications.

I expect those impediments to be addressed within a couple of years and when that happens I rip Blu-Ray discs, but until then I’ll stick to ripping DVDs.


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